Unfortunately For Civilization​.​.​. For Those Who've Yet to Rock

by Wicker

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brian would like to thank: Jason, mom & dad, Billy, Julien, Phillip, Drew, Matt, Sam, Seniqua, Jayda, Milli, Reese, Parker, Jayla, LaTera, Hannah, Alissa, Katherine, Dayla, Czaria, Gillian, Pamela, Lily, Afonwy, Tucker, Liam, Luke, Savannah, Owen, Mill, Chamoun, Justin, Zac, Calvin, Kevin, Garrett, Barrett, Sam, Nate, Zack, Weston, Haley, Jake, Jonathan, Scooch, Creech, Chase, Gavin, The Young's, Fire Catapults! The Acorns, The Star Killers, The Raleigh Symphony, Pillow Talk, Bear vs Shark, Motion City Soundtrack, Lauren, Sheila Vernon, Marilee Miller, Denny Thomas, Aaron Vasquez, Cameron Caraway & Adam Hairston.


released July 4, 2014

Elijah-guitars, recording
Bud-bass, horns
Skates-vocals, lyrics & music for Can You Dig It? & Brand New Frying Pan
Brian- vocals, lyrics
Billy-vocals on Horses... & Code Name: Shark
Julien-vocals on Horses...
Julien, Matt, Drew, Sam, Seniqua, Jayda, Milli, Jayla, LaTera, Hannah, Alissa, Dayla, Czaria, Gillian, Pamela, Lily, Trevor, Josh, Patrick, Brian-gang vocals
Savannah, Luke, Tucker, Liam-child labored vocals

Produced by Wicker

Smith7 Records 2014AD



all rights reserved


Wicker Memphis, Tennessee


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Track Name: Horses...Ride Them or: Great Story, Garrett
Make no mistake the timberline was by design with no reply,
as sure as where the sky meets sea, or you & me are gonna die,
when they looked round, could not be found, foot left the ground, became the rider,
& crows don't murder for the fun when only one is drawn to the sun,
the air becomes wind in his face, the discontent, the pressing pull,
& what's behind is what he knows & what's ahead is why he's breathing,
the cellar door left unexplored affords a darkness cannot keep,
because his holster holds the key between his need & Tennessee

There's no interpretation when you know what you have to do just like there's no opinion when they put you to the screws
There's only in, there's no out, when you're the point that they prove and no, you can't make me talk, you can't etch truth in what moves

Throw the babies to the wolves, we ride fast & light

Become something to believe in

Growing up, most of what the world taught me was that i would need greed to succeed, i learned that life was pass or fail, & that profit was the difference, but somewhere along the way i found that i had much more respect for kindness than selfishness, the people that i looked up to were not rich, they had integrity, they made decisions with others in mind, not just themselves, i wanted so badly to emulate that way of life, despite this, i have lost friends because of money, i have allowed it to shape part of who i am, but therein lies the struggle, & every day i hope to keep fighting, we are not saying anything new, not saying anything original but it must be heard over the deafening drone of advertisements & above the lofty lies of a capitalistic society fueled by fear, humans are more important than profits, I owe everything to those who taught & remind me that
Track Name: Iambic Pentameter
I know just what you're thinking, I've had my world broken, had everyone betray me, I've seen the best of them die, I've heard the purest tell lies, & from my knees wished I had felt nothing
in the times you don't want to exist, do anything to take away the pain, I've felt the shortness of breath, I've seen the opened flesh, wish I had lived it all so you'd be ok
Nothing will be alright, everything is wrong tonight, & everyone has forgotten me, you are so far from alone, wish that I could hold you, high enough so that you could see
If you let the silence become your air, as your lungs fill up with misery, as hints become your every, thing you must remember, all you've worked for will die if you concede
Don't let this shake your beliefs, don't let it change what defines you, out of the gutter get on your feet, you don't have to be on your own, you have friends that love you, there's so much more than this eternity
It’s not the end. I won't give up on you
Track Name: Boo Pristine
For every word that doesn’t rhyme, every inflection out of time, or sideways simile of mine, I am a failure
& every fight I seem to throw, every solution I don’t know, when I should stay but have to go, I am a failure
Ink’s in the pen not on the page, lose every war I try to wage, why am I up here on this stage, I am a failure
You always had a special way of making me feel like I’m less than I am
You always say I do it wrong, I guess I knew that all along, so I present this awful song, I am a failure
See the disappointment in your eye, discouraged voice, I hear the sigh, shrink-wrapped encouragement, a lie, I am a failure
When I should go, but I wait, every time I stay out late, I confirm what you call fate, I am a failure
You always had a special way of making me feel like I’m less than I am, & when you’re everything to me, you taught me that I’m nothing, I’m nothing, I am nothing
When I misread your every sign, when I cannot walk the line, when I tell you that “I’m fine,” I am a failure

Let’s all fail together, at least we’ll have each other and we won’t have further to fall, we’ll call each other brother or sister for another day won’t pass where I feel like I am a failure
Track Name: Tonight's the Night
Never thought i was the in between, but that's what they seem to need,
always hated all the distance between who you were and who you're gonna be,
always thought i was the other side, but all they needed was a ride,
and you were a tree in my field, an island in my sea,
can't help i always want a forest, pangea and me

but if you are the water that always freezes when the air rushes in then i am the stone, I could keep your shoe dry, no place upon to stay, because even froze you must be on your way

never want you to be anyone but you

they tell me i'll just take anything to fill out the scenery,
that i am more than just a backdrop in need of a play,
but what am i without a foreground, nowhere to rest my gaze,
sometimes it takes more than everyone, sometimes it takes the rain

you were always perfect to me
Track Name: That One's Gonna Be a Doosie
You know why i need you to be a good guy, 'cause there's way too many of the bad, it's gonna take everything that we've got to get anything close to ok in this world

the coolest girl i know likes girls as much as me, she's made to feel ashamed in our land of the free, while the NRA protects our liberty, i guess DNA is just hypocrisy, got a kid in 4th who has the biggest heart, all she can think about is her best friend's new start, at a new school never see her again of course, kids always come first when it comes to divorce

up in middle school you carve your problems on your arms & legs to try & solve them, makes it worse if parents see or never look which brings me back to the call that i just took, friend's cousin/brother just hung himself last night, always mixing pills with a head he couldn't right, because nobody in the room just out of sight could see the sun for all of the light

we should be better than this

and that's not even mentioning when Aaron died for nothing, happiest guy i ever knew, and there is nothing we could do
Track Name: Brand New Frying Pan
Brand New Frying Pan – Ryan Hailey

Why do I have to feel this has to fall on me, ALRIGHT
I got the word To fire the nuke That is absurd its not possibly true There is peace in this land! peace on this Earth! Peace in the sand! and there's peace in the dirt!
But ive got a job There is one thing I do I turn a key and then you turn one too And we all will agree On who we hurt and peel their skin From the ends of the earth Oh Science! oh man!

Alright alright alright Did what I thought was right They lied, so I, I brought it to the light Why do I have to feel this has to fall on me? Alright I abide-abide-abide-bub bub ub bub bye I pledge to sign Whatever dotted line all alone in the pan & I crack an egg tonight

I put the key Onto my key ring With the keys to my house And my yellow Sebring My life has now changed im no longer me My face on the cover every magazine look over my back Yet I know I am burnt I dig for chips Planted deep in my butt You cant be too safe Cant be too extreme You wouldn’t believe what I have heard and seen Oh Science Oh man

I cracked an egg on the world again Like a brand new frying pan Was this my fate? My destiny? Breakfast of champions Is this what it means to be a man? well I, I’ll take it while I can
Track Name: Dark Passenger
We were born inside angels screaming with a muzzle pressed to the base of our neck,
Our first sight in a field of darkness, flash in the sky of a million deaths,
Our first breath that filled our lungs was the smoke from our mother's burning flesh,
Our first thought was to get to repay in kind all that they had given unto us,

i didn't know what it meant to be free, i didn't know how much you could see, i didn't know when he first spoke to me, i didn't know how easy it could be

We were born in a world that rewards greed with profit, sucking the meek dry,
Our first choice was for baser justice, choosing who should live & who should die,
Our first step was to submit to the one & only who would never lie,
Our first kill was slow & righteous, even though I miss the taste at night

you wouldn't know who I am underneath, you wouldn't know where they are buried, you wouldn't know when I slide behind your seat, you wouldn't know 'til you're lying before me

I will stand beside your sins, we'll be the last thing that you see
Track Name: V
We will find our peace in the anarchy, without rulers, without greed.
There comes an order from the chaos. The smallest word from the smallest voice is heard if only what precedes is perfect silence.
Quiet the words that tell us what we want.
Quiet the words that tell us what we need.
Quiet the words that tell us what we are, what we should be. At the worst it's you and me, we can make a change.

Just one drop will change the color forever. I got back up because i still believe. There's an inch that i keep pure to remember.

But the backdrops peel and the set gives way and the cast gets eaten up by the play, there's a murderer at the matinee, and there are dead men in the aisles.

It's easy to be silent, it's easy to be fed. It's important to remember just who it is that wants us to be led.

It was always you and me. Never alone.
Track Name: Chamoun
the cavemen had their stick & stones,
Native Americans had a set of bows,
but the puritans had their guns...and so it goes,
yeah the churches have their piety and Americans claim to be free,
but the businessmen have something shiny...and so it goes

what's the most important thing to you? i fear your soul has a price, if it's not your fellow man, you're a part of their plan & you load their guns

democrats have their ideals & republicans have a set of wheels,
but the lobbyists make their deals...and so it goes,
we have our electoral vote & credit's your only hope, but the banks will always have your debt...and so it goes

you can be their tool or their end

listen very closely, you load their guns, you stuff their pockets, your dollar is your weapon, your profession is your weapon, don't become them, don't become them
Track Name: Code Name: Shark
Today has me so far away, compass points just where my feet take me,
you spend so long searching for a sign, no one else decides if I’m fine,
I’ve got blame if I’m hungry for dust, but I’m still full from when they said, “trust us”

I can’t think about tomorrow, when all I’ve got is yesterday,
I can’t think about tomorrow, when I’m wondering who to blame,
I don’t need anyone to place my hope in

Dirtbikes, drums & my dvd’s, tangible to replace feelings,
I thought of you as everything I ever had but I could not keep,
I put you up on a pedestal ‘cause when nothing’s there I am not whole,
& when you’re gone I can still see you there, being what I need to feel real.

And if you place all your hope in someone else you will be let down

Right now, gonna start today, Right now, fight for this day.
Track Name: Can You Dig It?
Can You Dig It? – Ryan Hailey
What if I am the ring bearer at a wedding, but when I pick it up the ring turns to Lyme’s disease,
& what if one day I’m warped into a quarterback’s body, I don’t know the plays, everyone’s mad at me, yeah, woo.
What if I smash my guitar & then I look down & it’s my grandma’s head & my grandma is dead,
these are my greatest fears, this is what I’m afraid of, lalalalalala lalalalalalalalalala

I’m afraid of dying, not afraid of trying, everything that there is to do, I’m afraid of dying, not afraid of trying, what have I got to lose.

Hey, hey, we are warriors of the galaxy, we don’t eat, we don’t sleep, we don’t breathe, we don’t need anything but the galaxy

I’m afraid of the sun
What if it starts to snow & then the snow turns into the civil war & I get shot by a yankee
Track Name: worldsbestdad69
The best day that i ever had was the day you told me the air was mad at me for all of the things i did & i never was quite sure how it knew because air with some eyeballs & ears & brains to decipher & process all of the meaning of all of my actions had formerly only been something i had dreamt about

scared it was all in my head, you made sure that i knew it was real
scared it was all in my head, worried i might start biting my ear
scared it was all in my head, or washing my privates with a fire hose
glad it's not all in my head, i'm sure lucky you confirmed my fear

I don't know how i ever slept when i thought i had only imagined that the water was harboring a deep resentment toward me & those whom i love My throat & mouth can barely contain the eruption of food that i had formerly ingested but knowing justified suspicions it was only meant to yell "tag" in my stomach

Scared it was all in my head, you assured me that it was quite real
Scared it was all in my head, glad to find this jacket was made tight
Scared it was all in my head, dodged a big ol' pick up truck of nuts
Whew, it's not all in my head, so much easier to just not fight

i feel much better knowing that i know what i knew was real

I want to taste forever

Scared it was all in my head, good to know that pizza can feel me
Scared it was all in my head, quite content my doorknob smells of pee
Scared it was all in my head, isosceles triangle conspiracy,
Glad it's not all in my head, rabbits sing the devil's harmony
Track Name: Booty Cracker
In 20 years we will be who we are, until then we'll be whatever we want,
don't know the presidents or all of our states but we know that we will knock you booty over face

tv hasn't told us what to be & we are never alone & when we walk around we pee & we are never alone

don't have our numbers yet, our skipping rocks are barely wet, we love milk and the high cheese, Jesus and some more cheese please

we can't sit still unless you're reading a book, but we're old enough to know that Calipari's a crook,
we'll start the Tiger's first hockey team, and oh yeah we're still scoring in 5 year old's dreams,
fork the police we won't do what they say, we don't need your phone books anyway, we got our names right here at the end Savannah, Luke, Owen, Booty our friend
Track Name: AC/PX
All we want is just everything, give me all that you got, & it’s all over town, you’ve been messing around with some other cat
And we said that we’ll never change oh no.